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Below are just a few of the new features
to make your results skyrocket!!

There are now 70+ Lead Capture Pages to chose from and you can use all of them! You read correctly - our new system allows you to change which Lead Capture Page you wish to use with two simple mouse clicks!

You can change at any time, as often as you like, and your new page appears instantly. You can try different pages for different advertising. As we add new styles you can use every one! (...all with no extra charges)

AutoResponders! If there is a "Biggest new feature" this is it!
Every Lead Capture Page has built in AutoResponder messages sent to your new lead!

It works like this - Within 30 seconds the person that filled in the Form on your Lead Capture Page will receive a professionally crafted email introducing you and inviting them to contact you. You do not have to write a thing... we've done it all.

And there are four more powerful follow up email messages sent to your new lead over twelve days - all from you!

NEW: Already have an autoresponder account? No problem, our system also allows you to use your own autoresponder with full intergration for aWeber, GetResponse, MailChimp etc.

Personalized Thank You Page. The "Thank You" page that appears after a person fills in the Lead Capture Page is now customizable! You can have the Thank You page invite an immediate phone call if you wish.

This is a great feature that will reduce playing phone-tag with people that want additional information from you. (This single feature produced hundreds of quality inquiries that called us! We spend lots of time in our webinars helping you to get the most out of this simple tool.) See an example (click)

Auto Play Audio. Most of the Lead Capture Pages now have a second version that starts playing the custom audio message as soon as the page opens.

Your own Backoffice. All of the new features are controlled from your own Backoffice where you'll be able to make changes to your pages, your email address, etc. All with a simple click of the mouse.

You'll also find new advertising resources, examples, unique tools and other resources that apply to successfully using your APPROVED Lead Capture Page - all in one place. There is also an area for timely announcements.

Contact Manager. What is a Contact Manager? In your private Backoffice all of the people that fill in the Form on your Lead Capture Page are listed for an easy way to make sure you follow up.

Of course, you also receive an email with all of the lead's information seconds after the Form is filled in. If organization is important to you (or a challenge) - we've got it covered!


On webinars we often hear from users about how our
Lead Capture Page System is working for them.
It is exciting and enlightening.

Hear for yourself as MYGOLDPLAN users share their experiences.




As always, our sites are fully approved for all advertising. You can use...

  • Print Ads - Newspaper Classified, Display, etc.
  • Email Campaigns including 1-on-1 email and List Announcements, (No SPAM)
  • Flyers, cards, etc.
  • Phone Follow Up - Voice Message (very effective!)
  • Internet Ads - Free/Paid Classified, BizOpp Boards, Content Links, etc.
  • New Proven Advertising Resources


Q. How does a Lead Capture page work?

A. Your Lead Capture Page collects the contact information of any person that reads and/or listens to the Page and emails it immediately to you. It also adds the person to an automated list of approved emails and Contact Manager. See #2 and #6 above.

If you check your email often you'll have the option of calling interested people back within minutes. This is very powerful and extremely effective.


Q. Where is my Lead Capture Page stored?

A. On iDigitalPromotion high speed servers which are always online. No form of technical 'know how' is required. You do not need to buy additional hosting services. The one time price below pays for a full year of hosting and follow up. There are no additional charges.


Q. Can I use my own domain?

A. Sure! Your site will reside on our server but you can easily 'point' or forward any domain to your web site on our system. It is a very simple 2 min task and we have a web video that shows you the steps. (Using your own domain is optional and requires the purchase of a domain from a domain name registrar like GoDaddy or Namecheap.com - cost is less than $10.00 a year)

Hint: You can apply your own domain name at any time in the future - it need not be done at time of purchase. We have created an easy to follow video to help you. It is easy!


Good news! - When you complete the ORDER below your new Automated Lead Capture Page System will be set up and ready to use within 60 seconds! To order, click below and complete the required form. You will then be forwarded to the credit card payment form.
The Automated Capture Page System Includes:
High speed hosting
Use of 60+ Approved Lead Capture Page Designs
Professional custom audio presentation - NO usage charges
Built In AutoResponder w/Pre-written emails - no setup required
Personalized Thank You Page
Super simple BackOffice Controls
New Resource/Tools Selections
Lead Contact Manager
Live Support and FREE instructional Webinars!
Total System cost for one full year is $99.00
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